What To Pack For NYFW

I am now officially in New York for fashion week!! I thought as I packed for my trip (8 days, yikes!) I would share what I am packing, and how I packed it. I was stressing for about two weeks before I had to leave because I had no idea what I was going to wear, where I was going to wear them, or even how I was going to survive trucking around the city in heels for three shows a day. Luckily, https://www.birdeeclothing.com/ came to my rescue with the cutest statement pieces for fashion week! I basically built all of my outfits off of my Birdee pieces, but I will also be blogging about my outfit everyday (and shows) so you will be able to shop everything I am wearing!

Tip #1: My first tip for packing is to roll your clothes! My mom was a flight attendant for 27 years and she passed me down this wisdom. I take up SO much less space in your suitcase and saves your pieces from wrinkling!

 Tip #2: My second tip is to keep all your cosmetics in a completely separate bag. This prevents any spills/ leaks from getting on your clothes as well as making it so so easy to just grab it and throw it in the hotel bathroom. I would recommend getting one with compartments to keep everything organized, or you can be super anal OCD like me and keep everything in smaller bags inside the bigger bag lol.

Tip #3: BRING A MINI STEAMER. You will use it. You are also going to want pack a lint roller, trust me.

Tip #4: Stuff smaller things like socks and underwear into your purses and shoes! This saves so much room an fills completely unused space in your bag. It also helps the bag keep its shape and not get crushed in your suitcase.

Tip #5: Plan outfits by using a separate rolling rack. This keeps everything separate from your closet (so you won’t be tempted to break out anything early) and it also keeps the outfits you plan in advance all together! I even took photos of myself wearing the outfits because I knew I would forget as soon as I got there lol.

Tip #6: Bring lots of accessories! In my opinion, they can elevate a boring outfit to new heights. This is especially useful if you have to attend something last minute and need to throw together something that’s going to stand out from the crowd.

Tip #7: (Last one I SWEAR!) Bring snacks! I cannot stress this enough, I legitimately always carry around snacks in my purse because your girl gets hungry every hour. You are going to be running around from show to show and may not have time to eat!

Thanks for tuning in! I can’t wait to share posts from my trip about the outfits, shows & more! If you have anything you would like to hear about NYFW on the blog, feel free to leave me a comment here or on my Instagram, here: https://www.instagram.com/sincerelylauraleigh/

Sincerely, Laura Leigh