Top 5 Instagramable Spots on Oahu

HI GUYS!!! Wow, I just got back from the most amazing 10 day trip to Hawaii and I couldn’t be more grateful to be able to go on a trip like this! A big thank you to my friend Shanon for letting us crash at your place, showing us Oahu, and being an awesome model when I needed you, you da best! I wanted to write a post listing my absolute favorite places on the island (in no particular order, they were all amazing) so that if you find yourself on Oahu, you could visit all the best spots for food, photos, swimming, and shopping!

1. North Shore

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the north shore, I would definitely recommend driving the long way around from Honolulu (take Kamehameha Highway). It takes you around the entire east side of the island and is right on the water! There are so many amazing places to pull off during the drive, and there are tons of swings on the beach. These were my absolute favorite beaches that I went to, the water was so aqua blue, and you can find beaches where the surf isn’t as harsh so it’s great for swimming.

2. Haleiwa

I am so stupid and didn’t take any more pictures in Haleiwa, and of course, the one picture I did take was of food (Lol typical) but it was the cutest little town of shops. Sara and I came here three times specifically to go to Haleiwa Bowls and we are now officially addicted to acai bowls, I would recommend the Mana bowl with almond butter and cacao nibs, I would do just about anything for one right now lol. In the town, there was also the famous Matsumoto Shave Ice, a bunch of restaurants, surf shops and some very cool art print shops too!


3. Waikiki

Okay this one is pretty obvious, it is the most touristy area on the island BUT the shopping is crazy good and the Royal Hawaiian hotel is right on the Waikiki strip. You can’t miss it, its the only giant pink hotel around, and it is amazing! You can honestly just walk through the front door of the hotel and wander around (we did!) the architecture is beautiful and so is the beach. If you walk all the way through there is a way to access the beach from the hotel, and even though the beach is quite busy it’s so fun to watch all of the outrigger canoes and boats come in.

4. The Sunrise Shack

If you decide to drive up to the north shore on Kamehameha Highway, this is a must stop spot. Despite it being the cutest shack I have ever seen, they also serve up Papaya bowls (papaya, local granola, organic peanut butter, goji berries, coconut flakes, local fruit and honey)! These are the perfect treat after a morning on the beach. Parking is a bit tricky, I would recommend parking at the beach down the street then walk over the bridge toward the shack, and then very carefully cross the street (it’s very busy!).

5. Cockroach Cove

These pictures (iphone photos I might add) speak for themselves. I think this was the most scenic water view that I have ever seen! The color of the water was absolutely incredible.


6. Lulumahu Falls

Okay I know I said 5 but I lied. The trail up to Lulumahu Falls has some amazing mountain views on both sides, and you even walk through a bamboo forest! The falls are also stunning and are definitely swimmable if you bring your suit. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera up to the falls but I did grab a picture on my phone!


Laura Leigh