Tommy x Tubular

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So guys, I have been dying to do a post with this jacket since I got it, its Vintage Tommy Hilfiger that I picked up at a thrift shop. I don’t know about you guys but when I am thrifting, and I find something super unique or a brand I have been loving I get SUPER excited. I honestly get a thrill out of thrifting, and I highly recommend visiting your local thrift store and checking it out.

I am usually a Nike girl, but when I spotted these Tubular’s at Nordstrom I knew I was going to make the switch. When I bought them a couple of weeks ago, I knew right away they would go perfectly with this bomber. I have not worn them that much yet (I am afraid of getting them dirty) but they are so so comfortable and lightweight. The front material is actually a neoprene like fabric and is super stretchy and durable.

Much Love

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