Mammoth Lakes Travel Guide


Where to Go

☆ June Lake Loop

Amazing fall colors! A short loop around multiple lakes and mountains (30 minutes if you don’t stop) & a cute little downtown area at the end of the loop! We started at the far end of the loop (furthest north from DT Mammoth).  This is perfect for a half day trip from the Mammoth area.

☆ Ghost Town of Bodie

If you love history this is DEFINITELY worth the trip! An entire 1800’s  era city perfectly preserved. All of the houses and stores still have furniture, food, and clothing. Residents picked up and left when the mines ran out of gold, leaving behind almost everything but what they could carry. A bit of a drive from Mammoth but so so interesting.

☆ Old Mammoth

Cute downtown with plenty of shops and good food (aka Starbucks lol). Lots of great sitting areas next to fireplaces and views of the ski area!

☆ Convict Lake

Beautiful lake with a perfect mountain backdrop, and turquoise waters. My favorite part of the lake was the beautiful bright yellow aspen trees surrounding the trail!

☆ Lake George

Connected to a loop of campgrounds and lakes behind DT Mammoth, this lake was particularly peaceful and had a wonderfully maintained paved trail going around it. SUPER close if you are staying in Mammoth.

Where to Eat 

☆ Rafters

Honestly the best burger I have maybe ever had, I got the rafters 1/4 pounder and fries. it will not disappoint. A bonus too that this restaurant was connected to our  hotel.

☆ Black Velvet Coffee

Trendiest coffee place in all of Mammoth (trust me, I know, I can sniff these places from a mile away). Great coffee, working atmosphere and WAFFLE BAR!

☆ Steller Brew & Natural Cafe

If you are looking for a vegan and gluten-free friendly place, this is it! Plenty of options for coffee, baked goods, and full on meals.

☆ Breakfast Club

A traditional diner-like atmosphere with AMAZING American food. I got the gluten-free pancakes, and hash browns TWICE lol. Overall great food and friendly staff!

Where to Stay

☆ Sierra Nevada Resort & Lodge

I could not recommend this place enough!!! SO affordable with almost bran newly remodeled rooms and facilities. The spa was simply amazing and both my mom and I had the best massages of our lives. The staff was so friendly and attentive PLUS the lobby and the rooms are decorated in a traditional lodge style (think Bing Crosby in White Christmas)

p.s I was shooting for @birdeeclothing this whole trip so everything I wore is from


Laura Leigh