LA Photo Diary

Hi guys! I feel like I have been traveling CONSTANTLY (in reality I have only taken 2 trips in the past month lol) but I have barely had time to breath let alone blog. I took a trip to LA with my friend Sarah to visit our friends from FIDM, and because we both were missing LA, like a lot. I took some photos, some photos were taken of me, so I thought I would do a little photo diary of the trip!

I had been SEARCHING for this famous rooftop the entire time I lived in DTLA

Also, this place is crazy cool, who knew that this was in DTLA?! Also, a big thank you to Mike for shooting these pics, you da best!

Sarah, has started up a little business painting clothes (pretty awesome right?) so we went out with our model (thanks Riley!) and shot some pics for her Etsy page.

We found the BEST restaurant! Sarah is vegan and I am gluten free, so it is nearly impossible to find a place we can both eat, but True Food Kitchen in Pasadena fed us pretty much our entire trip. They had the most amazing pizzas, and desserts, that we had to keep coming back.

Lastly, we couldn’t leave LA without visiting our favorite donut spot, Donut Friend. They have the most delicious (and all vegan) donuts! They even have a customizable gluten free donut, making it my HEAVEN.

Thanks for listening to me ramble! I already miss LA, and my friends, so I am sure i’ll be back soon.